TORR is committed to contribute in creating a better world with a sustainable future and to improve the social, economic and environmental well being of the community. We recognize that our operations have an impact on the environment and society. So, we will minimize that impact through responsible practices.

Building upon the pillars of "social", "economic", and "environment" consideration, we have set direction to ensure the integration of sustainable management throughout our operations. Wherever possible, we will implement accredited management systems to drive performance and improvement by focusing on our business process, our culture and our digital agenda align with our sustainability policy.


Torr Energy values the welfare of our employees, customers, and the communities where we operate.

  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment by training and awareness sessions.
  • Provide an equal opportunities environment for employees without any discrimination.
  • Do not tolerate sexual harassment and any form of violences.
  • Promote healthy lifestyle and foster employee loyalty through engagement events and activities.


Torr Energy aims to create long-term value for our shareholders while contributing to the economic stability of the regions we serve.

  • Generate profit while produce a sustainable return from our business.
  • Utilize technologies to provide reliable and cost-efficient services to client without affecting quality and safety.
  • Promote high business conduct through implementation of policies and procedures.


Torr Energy is dedicated to minimize our environmental footprint including reducing waste, conserving resources, and continuously seeking ways to lower our carbon emissions.

  • Ensure waste of hazard and non-hazard generated are minimal and well-managed.
  • Create various environmental sustainable awareness within the company.
  • Comply with the environmental regulatory and legal requirements.